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Your Urbit planet

Welcome to your new computer

All members are given their own private computer and server hosted in the cloud: One-click setup, access from any device, your ship runs on the Urbit network day and night.


Permanent, pseudonymous identity

Your Urbit planet comes with a pseudonymous identity linked to a fresh Ethereum address. Technically, your identity is an NFT. You own the private key. You own your computer and data forever, even if you move to a different host or self-host in the future.

For Writers

Run a Blog and Newsletter

With the Studio app, turn any Notebook into a public blog and email newsletter. Free, simple, independent publishing.


Join or Host a Group

Members can create public and private groups on the censor-proof, peer-to-peer Urbit network. Urbit groups are like Discord servers but programmable and impossible to shut down.


Professional hosting and technical support

Members are in good hands with Planet One hosting by Tirrel Corp. Until now, members enjoyed no real promise of proper technical support. Now, just hit reply on your receipt email and the folks at Planet One will take care of whatever you need help with. (If you even need help! A hosted planet is the smoothest way to use Urbit.)

For Developers

Build Natively Networked Applications

Create an app and push the codeā€”it just works. No databases, no DevOps, no server costs. Our developers build apps for creators, and our creators will turn apps into startups.


Access Hundreds of Specialized Groups

The Urbit network has public groups dedicated to music, gardening, economics, film, books, religion, finance, and much more.


IRL Meetups

A good computer should get out of the way. On the internet we are imperceptible molecules; off the internet, we're known for exceptional meetups and events connecting underground writers, defected academics, software developers, founders, and investors.

Choose Your Planet

Your planet is free with a $15/month fee for hosting. You can unsubscribe and take your planet with you at any time.

If you already have a hosted Urbit planet, you can become a member here.
For anything else, just hit reply to an Other Life newsletter and I'll get you sorted.

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