Other Life presents

the imperceptible country

A private network of philosophers, scientists, engineers, and investors building lives at the end of this world.

The frontier is vast, but imperceptible

Compared to the Institutions, the internet is a godsend. We defect from institutional conformity for greater freedom on the internet, but there we find new forms of control and bias. As the public internet becomes a nightmare, we exit and become imperceptible.

Thinkers, scholars, writers, founders, and sophisticated creators don't need huge audiences. We need high-quality, private audiences to keep us honest, stimulated, and motivated—to do work that will stand the test of time.

The Imperceptible Society sets sail from algorithmic capture, opting for a private frontier settlement where we focus on slow, careful, original work and building relationships over long periods of time.

How it works

Arrive at the Imperceptible Town

You'll receive an email inviting you to the Imperceptible Town, our private community interface on this side of the normieweb (Web 2.0). Once you arrive, we hope you'll tell us about your work and interests—or you can just relax and lurk for a while.

Explore the Town

We have writers, creators, academics and post-academics, people teaching courses, people taking courses, podcasters looking for guests, investors looking for founders, and more.

We'll give you a new, private, censor-proof computer in the cloud

All members will be given their own personal Urbit planet, also known as a ship. The Urbit network is the wilderness beyond the Town. It's a bit distant and daunting—the frontier always is—but it's growing rapidly and we have a private train that takes you there.

Your new Urbit

Boot your ship and visit the Imperceptible City

The Imperceptible City is the Other Life group on the Urbit network—a port city on the new internet. Whereas the Town sits safely on this side of Anthropol, the City is an exotic nexus of foreign crypt cultures and neolemurian k-wars. We love it, just know that we can't protect you there.

To get started, set your dues

Citizenship operates on a "pay what you want" model. Annual contributions average around $125/year but we don't want you to stress your finances. Set your dues so that, if you love the community, you'll be genuinely happy to pay your dues for many years to come.




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